Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vikings Revered Stone Age Objects. . . . .

From the "Viking Archaeology Blog:"

     New archaeological findings suggest that the Vikings considered Stone Age objects to have magical qualities, and that such “antiques” were more important in Viking culture than previously understood.
      The Vikings buried this ship, the "Oseberg," in a grave south of Oslo. New discoveries indicate they also buried other items, with a purpose. 
     Examinations of around 10 Viking graves found in Rogaland, southwest Norway, revealed Stone Age items, such as weapons, amulets and tools. Olle Hemdorff of the Archaelogical Museum in Stavanger told newspaper Aftenposten that he believes the items were buried so that “they would protect and bring luck to the dead in the after-life.”


Thanks to the Viking Archaeology Blog for permission to reprint this article.

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Lee said...

Although my Y-DNA Haplogroup I2b2 is not thought of as typically Norse (but is likely ancient Germanic), my family have been Lancashire for over 1000 years. We were possibly descendants of the Norse expelled from Dublin in 902AD and settled on the west Lancashire coastline. I've written about it here http://www.abroadintheyard.com/y-dna-test-i-am-a-viking-ok/ if your readers are interested.