Friday, February 25, 2011


The U.K.-based newspaper, The Guardian, just published a great piece on authors writing historical ficton for young readers. In addition to books on Bronze Age and 15th Century Britain, there is this stellar comment on another classic Viking saga.....

"Another perennial childhood favourite is Henry Treece, whose Viking Saga trilogy, grim, sanguinary and poignant, follows Harald Sigurdson from his first voyage as a boy in a longship under the command of the magnificent Thorkell Fairhair to his last as a seasoned warrior, this time himself the master of the ship. From the sun-fevered romance of The Road to Miklagard – the Norse word for present-day Istanbul – to the freezing blades of Viking's Dawn and an early transatlantic voyage in Viking's Sunset, the books are characterised by violence, easy death and the close bonds forged between warriors who brave the whim of the wild sea and the hostility of the peoples they meet only to despoil. The terror and glamour of the Berserker fighters who tear off their clothing and run naked and blood-streaming into battle unites the books, which still boast a mythic grandeur in keeping with their subject matter."

To read the entire Guardian article, CLIKC HERE:

Kevin Crossley-Holland
Kevin Crossley-Holland 'rewrites Arthurian legend commandingly' in his historical fiction for children. Photograph: Eamonn Mccabe/Guardia

Special tip o' the war helmet to the blog author Imogen Russell Williams and to The Guardian for permission to reprint this piece.

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