Thursday, February 3, 2011


University of Leicester geneticists are involved in a truly epic research project
A new Norse saga! DNA detectives in the Viking North West
‘Viking DNA: The Wirral and West Lancashire Project’, published by Nottingham University Press.
Issued by University of Leicester Press Office on 24 January 2011
The Vikings are alive and well and living in the North West of England!  That’s the revelation in a new book on an epic research project into the genetic footprint of the Scandinavian invaders.
‘Viking DNA: The Wirral and West Lancashire Project’ is the culmination of several years of research by biochemists and geneticists, by Wirral-raised Professor Steve Harding from The University of Nottingham and Professor Mark Jobling and Dr Turi King from the University of Leicester. It shows the power of modern DNA methods to probe ancestry using the North West of England as an example.

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Anonymous said...

That makes me almost 100% Viking... always wanted to be a Berzerker!

Lee said...

Although my Y-DNA Haplogroup I2b2 is not thought of as typically Norse (but is likely ancient Germanic), my family have been Lancashire for over 1000 years. We were possibly descendants of the Norse expelled from Dublin in 902AD and settled on the west Lancashire coastline. I've written about it here if your readers are interested.