Friday, February 5, 2010

Thumbs Up For RuneWarriors !

KIDS LIKE "RuneWarriors". . . .

"This was an awesome book! I loved it! From the moment I started reading I couldn’t wait to learn more."


"One of the most interesting fantasy novels I have read in a while. Two thumbs up."


"Wow! This book was a rush of adventure, excitement, love, hatred, and heroism. I can’t wait for the sequel!"


"This is a wonderfully written tale. Great for all, but those familiar with Norse myth will find it even more enjoyable. A must read! Great plot and character development."


"It reads almost like a Nordic Indiana Jones meets Princess Bride. Truly fun to read and a real page turner! I found it hard to put down."


"RuneWarriors is absolutely enjoyable adventure. A villain who likes to knit, a farting sidekick, a damsel who can hold her own—mix in some Viking mythology and irreverent storytelling to create one wild ride!"


"I hated to read the last page of this book because I felt like I was saying goodbye to dear friends. I was entertained all the way through and had a very hard time putting it down. Dane is the kind of hero everybody loves and all of his friends became my friends, too."


. . . . AND SO DO THE CRITICS. . . .

PRAISE FOR "RUNEWARRIORS: Sword of Doom". . . .

“Rip-roaring adventure. Dane and his mates are merrily boyish with their flatulent tendencies and strict codes of friendship while the adventure itself abounds with noble deeds and daring acts of valor. Dane’s quest for revenge and his romance with Astrid, Mistress of the Blade, provide a nice balance to the gross-out humor, and the resulting tale is at once funny and thrilling. An excellent next step for fans of Percy Jackson." ---THE HORN BOOK

"…a page-turner... a rollicking adventure, lots of body humor and a rousing climax.” ---KIRKUS REVIEWS

PRAISE FOR "RUNEWARRIORS: Shield of Odin". . . .

“…Hideous perils and hilarious misadventures. A rollicking page-turner…”


“A rollicking, big-hearted coming-of-age tale... classic rite-of-passage storytelling. RuneWarriors’ ruggedly Nordic mythscape will send shivers of anticipation down even the most jaded middle-school spine…” BLOOMSBURY REVIEW

“…should keep boys and girls alike spellbound.”

KLIATT School and Library Review

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