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We were deluged with entries! So due to the overwhelming response, we’ve decided to give away a lot more books. Instead of just having one winner—that’s no fun—we’ve decided to have one First Prize winner, two Second Prize winners and ten runners-up!

The judges have drawn the names from our ceremonial Viking war helmet, and we have our winners…

FIRST PRIZE goes to…. (drumroll, please)….


At the Richmond Memorial Library in Batavia, New York

(Kelly A. March, Youth Services Library Assistant)

Congratulations, Wooly Bookworms, your books are on the way! They will receive FIVE signed copies of “RuneWarriors: Sword of Doom” (Book 2 in the RuneWarriors Series).

Now for our 2 SECOND PRIZE WINNERS, who, coincidentally, both hail from the Windy City…

Mrs. Johnson’s Kids at the Parker Academy, Chicago, Illinois

(Gail Johnson, Teacher)

Fairmount School Book Club in Downers Grove, Illinois

(Kelly L. Wood, Director of Library Resources)

They’ll each be receiving three signed copies of both Book 1 and Book 2.

AND HERE’S TO THE 10 (count ‘em, ten!) LUCKY RUNNERS-UP!

Karen Kosko, Library Media Specialist, Cambridge, MA

Celia Taylor, Media Specialist, St. Gregory the Great School

Rebecca Greene, Lawrenceburg Public Library, Lawrenceburg, IN

Cheryl Vanatti - Reading Specialist Glenridge Middle School - Orlando, FL

Kathy Vogel, Chittenango, N.Y.

Jane Spence, Media Specialist, Indian Ridge Middle School, Davie, FL

Julia Pitau, Denair Charter Academy, Denair, CA

Jennifer Lorenz, Bateman Elementary School Library, Chicago, IL

JJ Martin, St Peters, MO

PLUS… a just-cuz-we’re-nice-guys-special-bonus to Tracey Byram, Donna Kane

and Lauren Pettigrew!

Runners-up will each receive one paperback copy of “RuneWarriors: Shield of Odin”, Book 1 in the RuneWarriors Series. Thanks to all the readers, teachers, librarians and bookclubbers who entered the RuneWarriors contest by emailing us at our website. We wish we had free books for everyone who wanted them, but keep trying. We’ll be holding more contests from time to time so keep checking our blog here for news and reviews on RuneWarriors and other fun freebies like the videos posted below. Most of all, keep reading! Because as all young Vikings know, reading can help you conquer the world!

Best Regards,

Jim Jennewein & Tom S. Parker

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