Sunday, December 7, 2008


During a recent "RuneWarriors" presentation to 300 students at the Mayfield Junior School in Pasadena, we all took a thousand-year trip back in time when a real live Viking invaded the auditorium to pay us a surprise visit. His name was "Garth the Viking" (otherwise known as Richard Ashton, the highly accomplished British actor of stage and screen). Dressed in authentic Viking war gear of chain mail, spiked armor, leather boots and leg breeches, and armed with weaponry of every kind, he brought the ancient world alive once again as he took questions from the students and explained what the life of a "real Viking warrior" was like. Much to everyone's surprise (and relief), he was extraordinarily polite and well-spoken, and chose not to chop off anyone's head, and explained that when you carry a war axe as sharp as his, you rarely have to use it. Thanks to Tatiana Guyer and Cathy Lin for all their help in putting the event together, and deepest gratitude to Richard for his enlightening performance.

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