Friday, October 10, 2008

RuneWarriors Publication Party!


A RuneWarriors publication party was held in Los Angeles the week the book first appeared on store shelves nationwide. With so many friends and family on hand to celebrate the book's debut, it was a particularly satisfying event. Click on the movie to view it for yourself.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


On October 5, 2008, Village Books in Pacific Palisades, CA, became "Pillage Books" as a horde of Viking-philes swarmed the store to celebrate the publication of "RuneWarriors," an epic comedy set in ancient Norse times. As the party-goers plundered the exquisite wines and cheeses (generously provided by Allison Robbins Wines), we signed books, gave a reading and felt honored to be in such hale and hearty company. A tip o' the war helmet also goes to Allison Robbins, Katie O'Laughlin, owner of Village Books, and all those who invaded the store that day, ransacking the shelves for good books. The cry of the day: "Let our blades taste blood!"


Tom and Jim signing for a friend. 

Above, super-agent Sandra Lucchesi with voice-over artist D.J. Holte , whose amazing vocal talents can be heard on our website --

Yet another example of the fine professional photography skills which my friends possess.

One young reader asked us to sign two books -- one for him and one for his school's library.  Thanks, Luke!